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  • Flowers by Mondo Floral Designs - Photo by Karen Buckle Photography

  • Flowers by Ginger Lily & Rose - Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

  • Flowers by Ginger Lily & Rose - Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

  • Flowers by Lilacs for Lucy - Photo by Stephani Driscoll Photography

  • Flowers by Lilacs for Lucy - Photo by Stephani Driscoll Photography

  • Flowers by Lilacs for Lucy - Photo by Stephani Driscoll Photography

  • Flowers by Heavenly Blooms - Photo by Michael Kennedy

As we celebrate the end of 2016 and greet the brand new year, many couples have chosen the recent festive time to formalise their love and are looking at saying ‘I Do’ sometime very soon, and it’s clear that brides-to-be are looking at walking down the aisle in their own individual way, however, with an overload of wedding inspiration available there can be some hesitation and often confusion with what style to embrace and how to showcase their wedding day style.

Flowers are most definitely a must have styling accessory, and floral designs play an integral role in creating a styled wedding space. Falling down the rabbit hole of social media madness can sometimes signal the point of no return when on the search for your must have floral concept, and you are certainly not on your own if you are trying to navigate your way through the frenzied floral maze! One thing is for certain though, whether your wedding day vision is farm house country, candle lit marquee or coastal chic, flowers have the absolute ability to accent your theme and transform your wedding space into a spectacular love story.

Flowers by Mondo Floral Designs – Photo by Karen Buckle Photography

2017 is bound to be bigger and better and we are excited to be talking all things bridal with our floral design experts who share their predictions and highlight the next big trends in wedding flowers for 2017. We are calling 2017 the year of ‘more more and even MORE’ from oversized cascading bouquets to ostentatious floral installations, and we have got our money on swoon worthy floral concepts and distinctive floral styling taking centre stage.

So as you embark on planning season what blossoms will you be obsessing over, and what design concepts will tickle your floral fancy? Our designers discuss upcoming colour combinations, design trends and provide some helpful hints and tips for floral aisle style!

Julia Hails from Ginger Lily & Rose was excited to share her insight for the year. ‘2017 is going to see the resurgence of large, premium blooms making Flowers by Mondo Floral Designs Photo by Karen Buckle Photography an impact “en masse”’, says Julia. ‘Phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, hydrangea, large imported roses and mountains of green texture will be a focus.’ Julia also feels that a ‘less is more ‘ approach will emerge but with big impact and elegant appeal. ‘We hope that couples will adopt a more artistic approach to their styling and be as adventurous as they were in 2016 with large installations and eye popping styling.’

Kristy Moore from Lilacs for Lucy believes the vintage themed wedding trend will still have a strong presence for 2017. ‘I’m a lover of French inspired design styles, and the various twists of that can include rustic, romantic, vintage and bohemian floral designs.’ Old fashioned flowers are certainly becoming modern favourites and Kristy lists her top three blooms she feels will be re-joining the floral faves. ‘Delphiniums: these are beautiful, delicate sweet vintage flowers that are often overlooked. Dahlias: definitely huge in 2016, and I think that the trend for beautiful, bright dahlias will continue into 2017 also. Hydrangeas: these beauties have definitely made a comeback recently, and that is of no surprise, they can be incorporated into classic, romantic or rustic inspired bouquets,’ notes Kristy.

Terrianne Foale from Mondo Floral Designs says that 2017 is going to be all about floral grandeur. ‘I predict a return to whimsical inspired, overflowing bouquet styling, whether it may be an oversized cascading design or an asymmetrical crescent style bouquet, the trend for bouquets will certainly be all about upsizing.’ Terrianne goes on to note that her go to colour palette for 2017 will be ‘Berry and Blush’ and also suggests that varying levels of rich reds, crimsons, raspberry and burgundy in combination with vintage creams and vanilla tones will be popular.‘Elegant coastal whites and lush forest greens forever on trend will also continue to take on interesting and unique forms with edgy but elegant floral styling,’ mentions Terrianne.

Flowers by Heavenly Blooms – Photo by Michael Kennedy


Nat from Heavenly Blooms agrees with the oversized floral styling concept as she recalls how she created an abundantly styled bouquet that cascaded to the floor. ‘It was a hand tied natural stem design, with a wild and unruly design style. I had to make the bouquet over a chair as the weight was too much to hold continually and design at the same time!’ Nat feels that lilac is going to be a popular colour choice for the coming year. ‘Lavender flowers will be featured heavily and I think the amazing anemones will be high on the wish list also.’

Flowers by Lilacs for Lucy – Photo by Stephani Driscoll Photography

Kristy agrees saying that dusty pastel purple tones will be popular and that soft blues with varying grey tones will also trend in 2017. Following through with the overflowing splendour of her thoughts on bouquet styling Terrianne also feels that reception concepts will highlight multiple floral designs and mass groupings of florals. ‘This form of reception styling is perfect for the longer dining table concept with florals, in combination with decadent décor pieces, collaborating to create that luxurious table style.’

Julia takes a moment to highlight one of her favourite vintage blooms surging to popularity once again. ‘The hippeastrum is a firm favourite, while mainly imported they are a unique bloom with plenty of interesting wow, but I also love the quaintness of the sweet pea.’ Kristy says that she thinks 2017 will see a lot of soft, romantic yet whimsical bouquets, ‘featuring lovely flowers like David Austin roses, mixed with succulents and fresh herbs, for an example’.

Terrianne reflects on her much loved old word favourites. ‘Gardenia and stephanotis blooms particularly in oversized cascading bouquet designs, are certain to shine brightly in 2017. I also think the Phalaenopsis orchid will feature heavily, and oversized cluster roses and old world scented cottage rose blooms will emerge in volumes.’

Flowers by Ginger Lily & Rose – Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

While deciding on your preferred wedding style might dictate the floral choices for your day, choosing the desired vase or vessel form to finish the story is equally as important and ensures that your concept is consistent and puts that final touch to your floral style. While the mason jar has been in style for some time now, we have a feeling that it could be time to embrace a different kind of vase style, and you would be surprised to hear what else is available to contain your beautiful blooms.

Nat predicts that glass, stone and wood style vases will be popular. ‘I also think that tall overhead florals will trend on tables, tall vases that appear to float high above will be a focus.’ Julia goes on to say that even though the mason jar will always be the ‘go to’ vessel for couples needing mass styling on a budget, it is not really a look that will be maintained in the high end circles of floral design. ‘We are finding more and more couples opting for the original modern glass vases in all shapes including square or rectangular being the most popular, and brass, copper or gilded vessels popular for those couples wanting a more ‘upmarket’ boho look than the original mason jar.’

Terrianne is excited to share her forecast on vessel styles for the upcoming year. ‘Marble and concrete vases will provide chic options for that modern industrial style, and opulent black vases will be fabulous accents for blush and berry concepts, and of course metallic vases and copper and gold vessels will continue to be popular for vintage luxe styling.’

As much as table styling is important to your floral concept it is also apparent that flowers can be showcased in many different areas in your wedding space. ‘Over the last couple of years we have seen a focus on hanging installations, massed floral blooms cascading from above is certain to provide that luxurious floral feel, and I don’t see anything but an increase in this form of floral style, says Terrianne from Mondo Floral Designs. ‘While we see many weddings featuring feasting and shared platters for their menu choices this can often restrict the amount of flowers on a table and a suspended floral feature is an opportunity to focus your budget on something that certainly delivers a great amount of wow!’

Flowers by Ginger Lily & Rose – Photo by Jennifer Oliphant Photographer

Floral Installations have certainly created a styling stir in wedding circles, and come with plenty of challenges for floral designers, as Julia from Ginger Lily & Rose reminisces on one of those times. ‘We were engaged to create a floral chandelier for a wedding and at the last moment the design for our lighted chandelier had to get moved due to a technical issue with the existing fittings. We needed to create a design that would re-locate a very large budget of blooms and foliage within the room, and it was necessary to create that required ‘wow’ factor for guests entering, without having a hanging feature as originally planned! It turns out that the walls of the venue were actually clear weatherproof plastic that could be lifted on warm nights. With the weather map giving us the nod, we were able to create a design that framed the entire window behind the bridal table. The result was fantastic, and was very well received by the couple, the guests and the venue,’ notes Julia.


It goes to show that engaging a professional floral designer for your wedding concept is an integral part of your wedding planning, only trained designers are able to troubleshoot issues and manage large scale installations that feature in floral concepts. Terrianne reiterates this sentiment and cautions brides-to-be when considering their floral designer. ‘We have been fortunate to take charge of many large scale floral installations in marquees, venues and wedding spaces and it’s vital to ensure that anyone engaged to create a floral installation is experienced and has an understanding of the mechanics and engineering involved with a suspended design, but also has the ability to execute the floral feature in whatever conditions are required’. One of Terrianne’s favourite floral concepts included creating a 20 metre vertical creeping garden floral wall that created the back partition area of a clear marquee. ‘We certainly had some challenges from mother nature that day, and it was a mammoth effort in the heat of December, but the end result was incredible, we created the most unbelievable floral space I have ever seen.’

Flowers by Lilacs for Lucy – Photo by Stephani Driscoll Photography

It seems that some sort of hanging floral feature is on everyone’s wish list but not everyone has the budget to feature mass blooms from above. Kristy recalls her inspirational photo shoot she took part in that focussed on more organic inspired elements. ‘We recently participated in a ‘Rural Romance’ collaborative wedding styling shoot, the styling theme showcased rustic romance and the hanging installation was created from branches and winter foliage, which proved to be a perfect refection of the styling theme.’

The business of wedding flowers has soared to new heights and most definitely floral styling has the ability to make an impact on your wedding day. However, it is important that the impact is the right one, with so many options and what must seem like a world of ideas available, choosing the right floral designer is the first step in creating the perfect floral concept for your day. ‘Everyone has a budget so it’s important to make decisions on what is a focus for you. If flowers are exactly that, you really need to do your homework, conduct your interviews, make sure you have a connection with your designer and have the confidence that they have the ability to deliver your concept,’ says Terrianne. ‘A good floral designer will listen, advise and offer their expertise and professional design eye, talk you through options and concepts and share their knowledge with you, so it’s important to choose the best from the rest,’ Terrianne says.

Julie agrees and strongly advises brides to-be to do their research. ‘With so many florists available for your special day, you want to make sure you are employing one for the right reasons. A florist with experience, personality, creative fair and knowledge will be far more beneficial to you. The right florist for you will get to know you as a couple, and can intuitively see what flowers would suit your chosen theme and styling, and which ones would not.’

Wedding Flowers Checklist

Start researching your must have flowers and have an understanding of what might be available for your wedding day.

Collect images and inspirational styling concepts that represent your floral vision, and start creating a styling board to signify your style.

Embrace Pinterest but be cautious with inspiration that may not be achievable or available for your wedding day.

Make sure you have your gown in place and colours and styling decisions confirmed before you start choosing flowers.

Consider your budget and what areas you would like to focus on. Engage a professional floral designer to take charge of your floral designs, and don’t forget the old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’.


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