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Language of Flowers

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    Florals - Mondo Floral Designs

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    Florals - Ginger Lily & Rose | Photography - Studio Impressions Photography | Styling/Decor - CL Weddings and Events

Finding The Perfect Wedding Flowers

As more couples begin to assert their unique and personal style in the planning of their wedding day, the same trend is also emerging with floral designs. In particular, brides-to-be are realising that choosing their wedding blooms presents a wonderful opportunity to introduce their personality into the design of their wedding.

There is no denying the beauty of flowers and how they can transform a space into a spectacular story. Drama, colour and texture play a leading role in the language of flowers, and what a fabulous prospect it can be to direct the floral vision for your very own wedding day!

While some brides-to-be have a very clear vision of what they want for their wedding flowers, many are bewildered about the choices and options available, and it can often become an overwhelming and sometimes confusing experience. As with most major wedding decisions, it is a good idea to consult with a professional to help you through what can often be a difficult choice. With so much information and inspiration available you may well wonder…where do I start?

To make sure your floral ideas are as memorable as they are magnificent, we have quizzed our expert floral designers for inspiration and advice to help get you started. We have focused on emerging trends and helpful tips to guide you through the rollercoaster ride of wedding flowers. Our favorite designers share their knowledge and provide the ultimate expert guide to choosing your wedding day blooms, so sit back and immerse yourself in the world of wedding flowers.

When you start investigating floral designs it can be a good idea to research trends and choose a style that best suits your personality and the concept of your wedding. Trends certainly come and go, but it’s no surprise that our experts seem to agree that a focus on more relaxed and unstructured design concepts are a popular choice for many brides. Rebecca Gabbey from Blooms of Noosa mentions that ‘old world’ bouquets with loose and voluptuous designs are much sought after.

“Garden trailing foliage and cottage style roses complemented by contrasting berries can create this look perfectly,” says Rebecca.

Terrianne Burns from Mondo Floral Designs agrees.

“We are seeing a real trend in gardenesque floral styling and are creating many designs featuring a variety of foliage and ferns that together, play a large role in texturally styling blooms that are more free flowing and whimsical.”

Sandi Shankster from Willow and Bud suggests that Boho styling is also playing a large part in current trends and that many of her brides are wanting to experiment with feathers, berries, and seed pods in their bridal bouquets.

“I am also seeing the latest trends with bouquets and floral designs moving away from the country style hessian to more natural elements, such as raw timber and moss.”

Julia Hails from Ginger Lily and Rose has suggested that current trends are moving from vintage/upcycled pieces to more glamorous and textural designs.

“Rich colours and bold statements are being made with voluptuous roses, scented spring flowers and lots of amazing foliage and texture.”

Terrianne shares her thoughts on popular colour palettes and notes the focus on more vibrant mood boards.

“Strong rich colours such as red, crimson, cerise and magenta with deep rich purples and plums are featuring heavily through our floral concepts.”

When starting the process of planning your wedding flowers, Julia advises you do your research and make sure you are not booking a florist solely on their price. She strongly suggests that you need to feel confident they will deliver your vision on the day.

“You shouldn’t sacrifice your style and look based on price. It takes skill, industry knowledge, and information on how to source the very best flowers in season and how to care for them prior to bringing them to life in your designs.”

Terrianne shares this sentiment.

“It is worthwhile spending some time in search of the right floral designer. Make sure you are confident in their ability and their experience. If you have a real focus on flowers you need to choose the best from the rest!”

Terrianne also advises brides-to-be to research seasonality.

“There is nothing more disappointing than having to tell a bride that her dream flower is just not available for her wedding day. Even though seasons are certainly being extended, it is a great idea to be clear about what is and isn’t in season before you get your heart set on your dream wedding flowers.”

Sandi understands that it can sometimes be a complicated process to start, and suggests that when brides are confused about which direction they wish to take with their wedding flowers, they should start collecting images of floral designs they love.

“From that I can usually see a pattern emerge and together we can work out what fundamentals we like about each design, so I can suggest what flowers will be suitable.”

Rebecca advises that having your colour palette and dress styles confirmed are important elements that need to be in place before considering flowers. “Ask your floral designer to suggest ideas and be open and fluent about what you are hoping to achieve.”

Julia also offers some valuable advice for brides-to-be struggling on where to start.

“I would suggest choosing three to five colours for floral inspiration, and let your florist help you decide on the best flowers in season that will encompass the palette and theme you have chosen.”

She also suggests being flexible with bloom choices and always having a backup plan in case your first choice is not available.

While brides can often be bombarded with inspiration from various social media platforms, Terrianne says it is important to be cautious. What may seem achievable often proves to be quite the opposite.

“Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic forums for inspiration, and a great way to start collecting ideas. However, don’t get too hung up on exact imagery as many of these pictures are collected from overseas and many floral varieties may not be available in Australia during the season you have chosen to get married. My advice is to engage a professional floral designer to walk you through the sometimes overwhelming maze of wedding flowers!”

Terrianne adds that starting a collection of images is the very best way to begin the process of choosing your floral designs, and also helps you decide on a preferred theme or style.

“When I meet with clients I love seeing the inspiration they have collected, it is easy to recognise their preferred style and I can then guide them through what is and isn’t available and build a concept that suits their floral vision perfectly.”

When looking to 2015 it is exciting to hear our floral designers’ thoughts on what to expect. Sandi predicts that 2015 will feature masses of lush green foliage.

“I think bouquets will have an even looser style with a more natural and rambling feel. I also think we will see more white and blush pinks as popular colour palettes, as opposed to apricot, which has been huge for the past few years.”

Rebecca conveys her thoughts on newly emerging designs. “Colours including orange, coral and yellow will feature prominently. The inclusion of loose trailing foliage complemented with berries and small flowers such as astilbe, baby’s breathe, wax, and andromeda will also be heavily featured in 2015.”

Julia thinks 2015 will see couples embracing a more elegant and voluptuous style, “Bold colours, large designs, and gold.”

Terrianne is predicting a big swing back to old world classic flowers such as gardenia blooms, stephanotis and tuber roses, but suggests there will be a real modern design style compilation with lush green foliage fillers.

“I can absolutely predict the cascading style wedding bouquet comingback into trend, however, with a more softly structured placement and with mass trailing foliage.”

Terrianne agrees that gold will also be a key feature.

“Gold, gold and more gold is coming our way, with sweet antique vessels and modern style vases in antique or metallic gold, as well as opulent floral styling with a very boho-luxe feel.”

Both Terrianne and Sandi also predict a focus on floral swags and lush greenery designs.

“Garlands will drape across the backs of chairs, down tables and over archways,” says Sandi.

“Lush, gardenesque greenery garlands will be a big feature for 2015. We have already finalised concepts that showcase greenery and floral swags draping in full length over large reception tables, hanging from overhead beams, and cascading over fireplaces. It will be the year of the enchanted garden,” says Terrianne.

Trending for 2015 

Trend 1 – Greenery garlands.

Lush greenery garlands will be popular options for glamorous tablescapes.

Wedding Flowers

Florals – Mondo Floral Designs | Photography – Calli B Photography | Styling/Decor – CL Weddings and Events

Trend 2 – Vibrant punchy colours.

Pops of colour including orange, coral and yellow will be a popular palette for 2015 floral concepts.

Wedding Flowers

Florals – Blooms of Noosa

Trend 3 – Whimsical foliage and flowers

Softly structured floral designs with a focus on cascading greens and flowering fillers in combination with sweet floral blooms will be a sought after design choice for 2015 brides-to-be.

Wedding Flowers

Florals – Ginger Lily & Rose | Photography – Studio Impressions Photography | Styling/Decor – CL Weddings and Events

Trend 4 – Gorgeous Gold.

Metallic and antique gold vessels with glamorous florals.

Wedding Flowers

Florals – Willow Bud | Photography – Andrea Sproxton Photography | Styling/Decor – Style Le Aisle

Wedding Flowers

Florals – Ginger Lily & Rose | Photography – Chesterton Smith Photography | Styling/Decor – Splash Events

Trend 5 – Overhead hanging floral installations.

Beautiful blooms cascading high above will guarantee the WOW factor to your reception.

Wedding Flowers

Florals – Mondo Floral Designs


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